Modern Slavery Statement

Money Back Helper fully supports the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and recognizes the important role businesses must play in eliminating forced labor and human trafficking.

We have assessed our operations and supply chains to understand potential modern slavery risks. We believe the inherent risk is relatively low based on our industry. However, we remain committed to continuous monitoring and improvement.

Key policies and practices include:

  • Rigorous supplier screening during on-boarding focusing on ethics and labor practices. This includes questionnaires and follow up discussions on modern slavery safeguards.
  • Ongoing supplier reviews using both internal assessments and independent audits on a risk basis. This evaluates alignment with our standards and policies against forced labor.
  • Strong commercial contracts with suppliers containing provisions requiring adherence to the Modern Slavery Act, relevant employment/human rights laws, and granting us audit rights. Breach enables immediate termination.
  • Internal accountability through assigning a Compliance Officer responsible for ongoing modern slavery due diligence and investigating claims or suspicious activities from employees or suppliers.
  • Living wage commitment and equal, ethical treatment of our employees and contractors.

We encourage anyone – including employees, clients, or partners – to report potential modern slavery violations occurring in relation to our business. Reports can be made confidentially to our Compliance Officer or through our external whistleblowing hotline accessible 24/7.

This statement will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect changes to operations, results of risk assessments, and modern slavery best practices. We recognise this as an ongoing journey of continuous improvement.

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