How to Make an FSCS Pension Claim Successfully

Discovering that your pension isn’t as secure as you thought can be a jarring experience. If you’ve suffered a loss due to mis-sold pensions or a defaulting firm, you might be entitled to compensation through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Understanding your rights and the claims process is crucial in getting back what you’re owed.

The FSCS serves as a lifeline, offering protection up to £85,000 for eligible pension claims. Navigating this safety net, however, can seem daunting. That’s where knowing the ins and outs of FSCS pension claims becomes invaluable. It’s your money on the line, and you deserve to reclaim it with confidence.

What is the FSCS?

As you’re exploring your options for claiming compensation due to mis-sold financial products, it’s crucial to understand the role of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This UK statutory fund serves as a safety net for customers of authorised financial services firms. In the unfortunate event that a firm goes under or is unable to honour its obligations, the FSCS steps in to protect your money.

The FSCS covers a range of products, including:

  • Bank and building society accounts
  • Pensions
  • Insurance policies
  • Investments
  • Mortgage advice and arranging

Specific to pensions, the FSCS can be a beacon of hope if you’ve fallen victim to poor financial advice or mis-selling. Claiming compensation through the scheme for pensions can provide relief up to the current limit of £85,000 per eligible person per firm.

Real-Life Examples of FSCS Payouts

Take the case of a customer who was advised to transfer their pension into a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). If the SIPP provider failed and your original adviser is no longer trading, Money Back Helper could guide you to seek compensation through the FSCS. Real examples show customers successfully recouping their losses after such events, reinforcing the importance of the scheme.

In another scenario, consider a person with an annuity purchased from a firm that later defaulted. The FSCS’s involvement ensures that annuity payments continue, protecting long-term retirement income and offering peace of mind to the annuitant.

How Money Back Helper Can Assist You

Money Back Helper understands the intricacies of making an FSCS pension claim. With years of experience, they can navigate the complex landscape on your behalf, ensuring all the necessary paperwork is completed accurately and promptly. With their assistance, many individuals have recovered funds lost to mis-selling without the added stress of facing the claims process alone.

Remember, it’s not just about reclaiming what’s rightfully yours; it’s also about the support and expertise offered by Money Back Helper throughout the process.

Eligibility for FSCS Pension Claims

When you’re faced with the reality of a mis-sold pension, understanding your eligibility for an FSCS pension claim is vital. Money Back Helper offers expert guidance to ensure you make well-informed decisions on pursuing a claim.

To qualify for FSCS compensation, several criteria must be met:

  • The financial firm you dealt with must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).
  • The firm must be declared in default, meaning it’s unable, or likely to be unable, to pay claims.
  • Your claim must relate directly to advice you received, investment transactions made, or the management of your pension funds.

Imagine you transferred your pension fund to a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) based on poor advice from an authorised firm that’s now in default. You may be entitled to compensation via the FSCS. Successful cases have witnessed clients receiving up to the maximum £85,000 limit set for claims against investment firms, assuming their loss amounts to this figure or higher.

For defined benefit (DB) pension transfers, a critical example exists from 2018. The FSCS awarded compensation to numerous clients of a firm that advised on pension transfers to inappropriate schemes. Those who transferred out of their secure DB schemes on the advice of this firm were deemed eligible for FSCS protection, leading to significant payouts.

Remember, eligibility depends on specific circumstances around your pension advice. If you were advised to invest in risky, non-standard assets not suitable for your situation, Money Back Helper can help unpack the complexities and determine the viability of your claim.

Ensuring your case aligns with the FSCS’s strict eligibility criteria is essential. With Money Back Helper’s expertise, you can navigate the intricacies of the FSCS claim process, and potentially secure the rightful compensation owed to you.

Types of Pension Claims Covered by the FSCS

When you’re seeking compensation for mis-sold financial products, understanding which types of pension claims the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) covers is crucial. At Money Back Helper, we’ve seen a range of cases that the FSCS recognises, significantly bolstering our clients’ confidence in their claims.

Defined Contribution Pension Schemes

If your defined contribution pension scheme suffered due to the collapse of a financial firm, you’re likely covered. This includes:

  • Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs): Often including high-risk investments, SIPPs can entangle your funds in schemes that fail, making you eligible for compensation.
  • Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS): Similar to SIPPs, SSAS pensions that face mismanagement qualify for claims through the FSCS.

Real-life example: Mr. Smith invested in a SIPP, advised by a now-defunct firm, which included risky offshore property. The FSCS stepped in, wading through complex international investment layers, and secured a well-deserved compensation for his losses.

Defined Benefit Transfers

Were you advised to transfer out of a defined benefit pension? If the advice came from an insolvent or no longer trading firm, the FSCS provides a safety net. It acknowledges that ill-informed transfers can have devastating effects on your retirement funds.

Case study: Mrs. Johnson was persuaded to switch her stable defined benefit pension for a less secure scheme. Following the adviser’s insolvency, Money Back Helper intervened, leading to a significant FSCS payout.

Investment Mis-Selling

Beyond pension transfers and schemes, the FSCS covers claims for investment mis-selling within pensions. You’re entitled to compensation if you received advice to place pension savings into unsuitable or overly risky investments, and the advising company is no longer around.

In every instance, it’s essential to have the backing of a knowledgeable partner. Money Back Helper stands with you, harnessing years of experience to facilitate your FSCS pension claim. Our expert assistance ensures your claim is robust, well-documented, and most importantly, successful.

How to Make a Pension Claim with the FSCS

When you’ve fallen victim to a mis-sold pension scheme, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) offers a safety net. Acting swiftly is key—starting a claim with the FSCS involves a time-bound process.

First, confirm your eligibility. The FSCS covers specific mis-selling circumstances, and you’ll need to have lost money due to advice or service from a UK-regulated firm that’s now defunct or unable to pay claims.

To begin, collate all necessary documentation. This includes any communication, contracts, and statements relating to your pension investment. Documentation serves as compelling evidence to support your claim.

Visit the official FSCS website and navigate to the claims section. You’ll find an online application form that guides you through your claim step by step. Be meticulous when filling out the form to avoid delays. If online processes aren’t suitable, you can also request a paper application.

Throughout the process, it’s wise to seek expert guidance. Money Back Helper specializes in assisting individuals like you to navigate the complexities of pension claims. For instance, John, a retiree, was unaware that his pension was mis-sold until a Money Back Helper consultant reviewed his case. With their assistance, John submitted a well-documented claim which was approved, and he received a substantial compensation payout.

After submitting your claim, the FSCS will assess the validity against their criteria. Expect this stage to take several months, during which the FSCS may request additional information.

Stay proactive. Track your claim’s progress via the FSCS’s online portal or by liaising with your Money Back Helper adviser. Timely responses to any FSCS queries can be crucial in ensuring your claim is settled efficiently.

Adhering to these steps with precision can greatly enhance the likelihood of a successful claim. Remember, you’re not alone—Money Back Helper is here to support you throughout this critical financial journey.

What to Expect During the FSCS Pension Claim Process

Understanding what awaits you during the FSCS pension claim process is essential. Be prepared for a series of steps that require attention to detail and patience.

Initial Assessment

Once you’ve submitted your claim, the FSCS will conduct an initial assessment to determine if your case falls within their remit. They’ll look at the nature of your pension investment and ascertain whether the company in question was authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) at the time of your dealings.

Investigation Phase

If your claim meets initial eligibility criteria, it will move into the investigation phase. Here, the FSCS will examine all documentation and evidence you’ve provided. They aim to understand the full scope of the advice you received and the ensuing financial loss. Thorough review processes are in play to ensure that every aspect of your case is considered.


During the investigation, expect periodic updates from the FSCS. It’s not uncommon for them to request additional information to help clarify your situation. Keeping the lines of communication open with Money Back Helper ensures you’re well-versed in what information may be required and assures that you respond promptly to any enquiries.

Decision and Payment

When the FSCS arrives at a decision, you will be notified of the outcome. For successful claims, compensation payments are typically made directly to your bank account. Remember, compensation limits apply, and these are set based on the product type and the period when the advice was given.

A real-life example involves a client of Money Back Helper who received compensation for a mis-sold pension transfer. Once the FSCS completed their comprehensive evaluation, they agreed the advice given was unsuitable, and the client was awarded a substantial payout.

Throughout this process, Money Back Helper stands beside you, equipped with expertise to steer your claim efficiently through the system and maximise the chance of a favourable outcome. Keep a watchful eye on any communication from the FSCS and maintain an organised record of all correspondence – your vigilance is key to a smooth claims journey.


Rest assured that with the right preparation and support from Money Back Helper you’re well-equipped to navigate the FSCS pension claim process. Remember to act quickly and stay organised as you gather your documents and submit your application. Patience and attention to detail will serve you well during the assessment and investigation phases. Keep in close contact with the FSCS and don’t hesitate to seek assistance if you need it. Your financial security is paramount and taking these steps can help ensure you’re compensated if things haven’t gone as planned with your pension. Trust in the process and look forward to a resolution that supports your future financial wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to make a pension claim with the FSCS?

Eligible claimants for a pension claim with the FSCS are those who have lost money due to the failure of an FSCS-protected financial firm, providing they meet specific criteria set by the scheme.

How quickly should I act to make a pension claim?

It is essential to act swiftly. Prompt action ensures that you meet any deadlines and improves the likelihood of a successful claim with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

What documents are needed to make a claim?

You will need all relevant financial documents related to your pension, including statements, policy documents, and any communication from the failed financial firm.

Can I make a claim online with the FSCS?

Yes, you can access and submit the online application form for making a claim directly through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme website.

Should I seek expert help with my pension claim?

While not mandatory, seeking expert guidance, such as from Money Back Helper, can assist in understanding complex aspects of the claim process and improve your chances of success.

What are the main stages of the FSCS pension claim process?

The main stages include the initial assessment, investigation phase, communication with the FSCS, and finally, the decision and payment phase.

How can Money Back Helper assist me in making a pension claim?

Money Back Helper can support you by providing professional advice, helping to organize your documentation, and guiding you through every step of the FSCS pension claim process.

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