How to Claim for Mis-Sold Solar Panels and Energy Bills

Discovering you’ve been mis-sold solar panels can be a frustrating ordeal, especially when your energy bills don’t reflect the savings you were promised. You’re not alone in this; many homeowners have found themselves in a similar bind, facing misleading claims and financial pitfalls.

Understanding your rights is crucial when it comes to tackling the issue of mis-sold solar panels. It’s time to arm yourself with knowledge and explore how you can make a claim to rectify the situation. Let’s delve into the steps you can take to ensure you’re not left out of pocket due to mis-sold solar energy systems.

Understanding Mis-Sold Solar Panels

When you’re faced with the aftermath of mis-sold solar panels, understanding what went awry is pivotal. Mis-selling can occur if sales representatives misrepresent the benefits, costs, or savings associated with the solar panels. At Money Back Helper, we’ve handled countless cases where customers were given false promises about the financial advantages of their investment.

Mis-sold solar panels typically involve:

  • Claims of significant reductions in energy bills which never materialize
  • Misleading figures regarding the feed-in tariff earnings
  • Unrealistic performance assurances of the solar panel system
  • Financing and credit agreements that were not clearly explained

Real-Life Example: Imagine you were promised that your solar panels would cut energy costs by 50%, but your bills remain high, your case of mis-selling would be clear-cut. Similarly, if you were told that your panels require little to no maintenance, yet you find yourself paying for frequent repairs, you’ve likely been mis-sold.

Recognizing Warning Signs

  • High-Pressure Sales Tactics: You may have been pressured into signing a contract quickly, with little time to consider the details.
  • Complex Financial Agreements: The finance agreement tied to your solar panel purchase could have been convoluted, leaving you with unexpected costs.
  • Lack of Documentation: If you received little or no written information about your solar panels, you’re at a higher risk of mis-selling.

Your Rights and Next Steps

It’s essential to know that you have rights under UK law. Companies engaged in mis-selling are accountable for their actions. If you’ve fallen prey to mis-sold solar panels, Money Back Helper is here to support you through the process of reclaiming your funds. Here’s what to do:

  1. Gather all related documentation, including contracts and correspondence.
  2. Note any verbal promises made during the sale.
  3. Review your financial statements to assess the direct impact.
  4. Contact us at Money Back Helper, and we’ll guide you through the recovery process, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

By taking action, you can confront the issues head-on, recover your funds, and regain control of your financial situation.

Common Signs of Mis-Sold Solar Panels

Identifying whether you’ve been mis-sold solar panels is the first step towards reclaiming your money. In many cases, individuals like you discover they’ve not received the full benefits initially promised by sales reps. Here are definite signs that can indicate you’re a victim of mis-selling:

  • Guaranteed Savings on Energy Bills – You were assured significant savings on your energy bills which never materialised despite proper usage.
  • Misrepresented Financial Benefits – The financial advantages, such as earnings through Feed-in Tariffs (FITs), were exaggerated or falsified by the salesperson.
  • Aggressive Sales Techniques – You felt pressured by a salesperson into signing a contract without fully understanding the implications.
  • Inaccurate Information – The sales agent provided incorrect information regarding the cost, performance, or efficiency of the solar panels.
  • Lack of Documentation – Essential paperwork such as performance estimates or cooling-off period information was either not provided or incomplete.

Case Study: Jane Doe, a client of Money Back Helper, experienced high-pressure sales tactics when she was promised that her solar panels would be ‘self-funding’. The reality was different, as the panels didn’t generate the promised financial returns, leaving her with unexpected debt rather than the savings she was assured.

Remember, reputable companies won’t shy away from providing all the necessary details in writing. If you recognise any of these signs, you likely have a valid claim.

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Mis-Sold

If these warning signs seem familiar, it’s important to act promptly:

  1. Compile all your documentation related to the solar panel purchase.
  2. Record your energy bills before and after the solar panel installation to demonstrate the discrepancy in costs.
  3. Contact Money Back Helper for expert advice on how to proceed with your claim. Their specialist team has a track record of supporting individuals like you to recover funds from mis-sold products.

Remember, it’s not just about reclaiming what you’ve lost; it’s also about holding companies accountable so that future sales are conducted fairly and transparently.

Assessing Your Energy Bills

When you’re scrutinizing your energy bills to determine if you’ve been mis-sold solar panels, it’s crucial to understand the data in front of you. Your energy bill reflects your usage and the cost efficiency of your solar panels. Here’s what you need to check:

  • Compare consumption before and after installation: Review your energy bills from before the solar panel installation and compare them to your current bills. A lack of significant change, or an increase in cost, could indicate mis-selling.
  • Expected vs actual savings: Contrast the projected savings outlined by the salesperson with the actual figures on your energy statements. Sales pitches often promise significant savings that fail to materialize, serving as a red flag.
  • Feed-in tariff payments: If the feed-in tariff income – money you earn from generating your own electricity – is lower than what was promised, this discrepancy needs looking into.

Review Seasonal Variations

Solar panel efficiency can fluctuate with the seasons, with higher production during summer months and less in winter. Ensure that you’re looking at a full year’s data to get an accurate representation of your panels’ performance.

Discrepancies in Billing

Let’s consider a case where Jane, a Money Back Helper client, noticed irregularities in her energy bills post-installation. Despite assurances of a 50% reduction in her energy costs, there was only a marginal decrease in her bills. After a thorough examination, it was clear the projected savings were vastly overstated. This is a typical scenario Money Back Helper encounters with mis-sold solar panels.

If your analysis raises concerns, gathering all your energy bills along with the initial promises made to you is the first step in building a strong claim. Document everything meticulously as this evidence is essential when Money Back Helper assists you in seeking compensation. Don’t ignore any discrepancies, no matter how minor they may seem, as these could contribute to a substantial claim.

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Mis-Sold Solar Panels

Realising you’ve been mis-sold solar panels is frustrating but taking decisive action can make all the difference. Begin by collecting all relevant documentation. This step is crucial. Documentation includes:

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Sales pitches or advertisement materials
  • Correspondence with the solar panel provider
  • Energy bills before and after installation

With these documents, you’ll have concrete proof of the discrepancies in what was sold to you versus what you received.

Contact the Original Seller

Your first course of action ought to be reaching out to the company who sold you the solar panels. Explain the situation and present your evidence. In many cases, companies may offer compensation or a resolution upon realizing a mistake was made. Keep a record of all these interactions as they can be instrumental if you need to escalate your claim.

Seek Professional Advice

If your initial attempts to resolve the issue with the seller don’t bear fruit, it’s time to get professional help. Money Back Helper has a proven record in assisting clients who’ve been in similar situations. What sets Money Back Helper apart is their expertise in dealing with financial product mis-selling, which includes misrepresented solar panels and their supposed efficiency and savings.

Use a Case Study to Your Advantage

Consider Jane’s story—a Money Back Helper client who noticed her energy costs hadn’t reduced after her solar panel installation. Utilising past bills, contracts, and Money Back Helper’s guidance, Jane successfully claimed back the compensation she was due. Jane’s case not only resulted in her receiving her money back but also highlighted the importance of professional intervention in such matters.

Start Building Your Claim

Armed with evidence, professional advice, and confidence, it’s time to build your claim. Reflect on how you were mis-sold, what promises were not fulfilled, and the impact on your finances. Money Back Helper will navigate the complexities, ensuring your case is as strong as possible before approaching the responsible party or, if necessary, taking legal action. Rest assured, with the right help, you can reclaim what’s rightfully yours.

Seeking Compensation for Mis-Sold Solar Panels

When you’re navigating the complexities of mis-sold solar panels, the path to compensation can seem daunting. However, proper guidance can make the process straightforward and more successful. With specialists like Money Back Helper, you’re not alone in this journey. Their expertise in tackling mis-sold financial products positions them as a powerful ally for your claim.

Start with a strong base by ensuring your Evidence Is Comprehensive. You’ve gathered all the necessary information, from contracts to energy bills. Now, what’s next?

Contact the Seller directly. Inform them with confidence that you have been mis-sold and present your evidence in a clear and organised manner. Remember, documentation is your strongest weapon.

If the seller’s response is unsatisfactory, Escalate Your Claim. This is where Money Back Helper comes into play. Their team of experienced advisors specialises in dissecting the sales tactics used and demonstrating how they were misleading or did not align with your actual energy needs and financial situation.

Consider the case of John Doe, who was led to believe his energy bills would plummet post-installation. With the assistance of Money Back Helper, John presented records showing that his bills remained unchanged, which bolstered his claim and ultimately led to compensation.

Navigating Financial Ombudsman or Small Claims Court may be the next step if the seller still does not rectify the situation. Money Back Helper can provide guidance through these legal avenues, ensuring you’re prepared and your case is heard.

Moreover, if the solar panel provider is no longer trading or refuses to cooperate, Money Back Helper can advise on how to approach the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or similar schemes designed for such scenarios.

By taking these steps and aiding the process with professional support, you’re well on your way to recovering the funds you’re entitled to, and each successful claim is a testament to persistence and the right help.


Navigating the complexities of a mis-sold solar panel claim can feel daunting but you’re not alone. Armed with the right documentation and a clear strategy you’re well on your way to rectifying the situation. Remember persistence is key and with the support of experts like Money Back Helper you stand a strong chance of reclaiming your investment. Don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps towards justice and financial compensation—your efforts will likely pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do first if I think I’ve been mis-sold solar panels?

Gather all relevant documentation such as contracts, sales presentations, correspondence, and energy bills before and after the installation. This will form the basis of your evidence when you make a claim.

How do I contact the seller about the mis-sold solar panels?

You should reach out to the original seller and present your evidence. Discuss the discrepancies and issues clearly to seek a resolution.

Who is Money Back Helper?

Money Back Helper is a professional service that can provide assistance and advice when seeking compensation for mis-sold solar panels.

What should I do if the seller refuses to resolve the issue?

If the seller does not resolve the issue, you can escalate your claim. Consider taking your case to the Financial Ombudsman, Small Claims Court, or seek assistance from Money Back Helper.

Can I get compensation even if the company is no longer trading?

You might be eligible for compensation through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Professional advice from entities like Money Back Helper can guide you through the process.

What is the importance of professional help in mis-sold solar panel cases?

Professional help is crucial in building a strong case, navigating complex procedures, and increasing the likelihood of successfully reclaiming your funds.

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