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How to Claim Compensation for Mis-Sold Solar

Find out if you can make a claim

Are You Eligible To File A Mis-sold Solar Panels Claim?

Understanding whether you’re eligible to file a claim for mis-sold solar panels revolves around specific criteria set by regulatory institutions. If your solar panels aren’t performing to the standards you were promised, you’re likely in a position to seek compensation.

Assessing your eligibility is simple:

  • Were you told your solar panels would generate a certain amount of electricity which they are not achieving?
  • Did the company overstate the financial returns from the feed-in tariff?

If you resonated with either of these scenarios, it’s a clear indication of mis-selling. Unfortunately, this is a common experience among numerous homeowners who ventured into solar panel investments with high expectations.

Solar Panel Claims aren’t just about underperforming energy generation; they also cover financial discrepancies. If your electricity bills haven’t seen the reduction promised, or if the financial benefits were exaggerated to secure the sale, Money Back Helper suggests that a valid claim can often be made.

Real-Life Case Study:
In 2019, the Financial Ombudsman Service was inundated with around 2,000 complaints relating to mis-sold solar panels. These cases highlight the pervasive issue of false assurances given to consumers, where the reality falls short of the solar company’s pledges.

The silver lining is the safeguard provided by the Consumer Credit Act, Section 75. Purchases over one hundred pounds, made with credit agreements, are protected under this law. This means that your claim for compensation can be pursued against the financial or credit company even if the solar company is unresponsive or defunct.

So, how do you claim for mis-sold solar panels? Begin by gathering all related documentation—contracts, financial agreements, and communications. With this evidence, Money Back Helper can help you assert your rights and retrieve what you’re rightfully owed.

What Could Compensation Look Like?

When you’re faced with the realization that you’ve been a victim of mis-sold solar panels, understanding the types of compensation that might be available to you is crucial. At Money Back Helper, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the process, ensuring you’re aware of your rights and what you can expect in terms of restitution.


If you’ve been misled into buying solar panels that haven’t lived up to their promise, rescission is one form of redress you could explore. This legal remedy acts as a reset button, essentially voiding the contract you entered into under false pretenses. If successful, this action demands that all money you’ve spent to date is returned to you. It’s important to note that rescission hinges on the solar panel supplier acknowledging their fault, so you’ll want to gather as much evidence as possible to strengthen your claim for mis-sold solar panels.

Let’s say you were told your solar panels would pay for themselves within a decade, but after installation, the financial benefits are nowhere near the sales pitch. If other criteria, like pressure sales tactics, are proven, your agreement may be rescinded and all your costs refunded.

Claim for Damages:

In cases where rescission isn’t possible or appropriate, opting to claim for damages may be your best route. This is where the focus shifts from negating the contract to compensating for the shortfall between what was promised and what was delivered. Essentially, you’re looking to recover losses stemming from the poor performance of your panels or the financial burden placed upon you.

Here’s an example: imagine that you’re making monthly repayments on the solar panels that are supposed to be offset by savings on your energy bills. However, these savings never materialize. In filing a claim for damages, you’d seek a sum that reflects the unmet savings along with any additional losses—for example, the cost to remove faulty panels.

When considering how to claim for mis-sold solar panels, damages can cover a range of financial loss including:

  • Any money paid for the solar panels
  • Interest accrued on those payments
  • Future payments under a burdensome financial agreement

Solar Panel Claims can become quite complex, and every case will differ, but by delving into the specifics of your agreement and the mis-selling tactics used, Money Back Helper can identify the most effective course of action for you. Whether it’s returning the faulty solar panels or recompensing for the unrealized financial benefits, you deserve to have your situation rectified.

Keep in mind the importance of acting within legal time frames and being equipped with all relevant documentation. Exploring your options with Money Back Helper can ensure that your claim for mis-sold solar panels is as robust as possible.

Have you had solar panels installed?

If you’ve joined the many homeowners who’ve invested in solar energy, it’s crucial to ensure that your investment delivers the promises made by the sales team. Unfortunately, many like you have faced the reality of mis-sold solar panel systems. Here’s what you need to know if you suspect your solar panel deal wasn’t quite as bright as you were led to believe.

Were You Told the Solar Panels Would “Pay for Themselves”?

One of the most attractive selling points for solar panels is the idea that they will generate enough savings or income to offset their own cost over time. This concept, commonly pitched as the panels “paying for themselves,” hinges on the system’s ability to produce a significant amount of energy, leading to reduced electricity bills and potential earnings from surplus power.

However, for many individuals, this dream hasn’t turned into a reality. For instance, Brian Thompson from Gateshead found that his solar panel system didn’t generate enough income to cover his loan repayments, contrary to what was promised by the sales company. If this scenario sounds familiar, you might have a claim for mis-sold solar panels. Money Back Helper has seen numerous cases where the actual performance of solar panels falls short of the financial benefits that were exaggerated by the selling company.

Ascertaining Mis-Sale:

  • Were specific savings or earnings guaranteed verbally or in writing?
  • Have your electricity bills remained high despite the solar panel installation?
  • Are you not seeing the financial return you were assured of?

If your answer is yes to these questions, it’s likely you were given unrealistic expectations about the self-sufficiency of your solar panels, and Money Back Helper can assist you in pursuing a Solar Panel Claims process.

Step Forward:

  • Gather evidence of all communication and promises made by the solar panel provider.
  • Document the disparity between the promised and actual financial performance of your system.

By presenting a clear case of the discrepancies, you stand a higher chance of recovering your funds. Knowing how to claim for mis-sold solar panels is your first step towards rectifying the situation, and the team at Money Back Helper is prepared to navigate you through the process, ensuring you are justly compensated for any misrepresentation.

Solar Panel Mis-selling background

When you invested in solar panels, you were likely influenced by the promise of not only reducing energy bills but also generating income through selling surplus electricity back to the grid. Claims for mis-sold solar panels arise when those promises fall short of reality. The backdrop to this issue is steeped in both misinformation and unfulfilled expectations.

In 2011, consumer rights advocacy group Which? conducted an eye-opening investigation into the solar panel industry. Their findings were startling, revealing a landscape riddled with inaccurate promises. Here’s what you, as a consumer, need to know:

Companies Investigated Inaccurate Energy Estimates Ignored Shade Impact
12 9 7

Out of 12 companies scrutinised, 9 had provided customers with incorrect estimates of energy production, and 7disregarded the impact of shade on panel efficiency. This lack of due diligence has left many customers like you out of pocket. If these circumstances resonate with your experience, you’re likely entitled to pursue a claim for mis sold solar panels.

These systemic oversights have had significant real-life implications. Take the case where panels were installed in shaded areas, reducing their efficiency and the customer’s ability to generate the promised surplus power. If you’ve been caught in a situation where the financial returns on your solar panels didn’t materialise, you’re unmistakably facing the consequences of mis-selling.

Understanding how to claim for mis-sold solar panels involves recognising the flawed advice and misrepresentation of solar panel profitability. Money Back Helper is acutely aware of the tactics employed by these companies. They pledge a greener future and savings that often don’t materialise, leaving you with the option to seek what’s fairly yours. Solar Panel Claims needn’t be daunting; with expert guidance, you can rectify the wrongs of misrepresentation and recover losses from your investment.

How do I know if I have been mis-sold solar panels?

Identifying whether you’ve been a victim of mis-sold solar panels hinges on matching your experience against commonly reported issues with solar panel claims. If your solar panels aren’t delivering the financial returns promised, or if you’ve encountered technical problems due to improper installation, you may have grounds for a claim.

  • Were you assured of certain savings or earnings that haven’t materialised?
  • Did the provider fail to assess the suitability of your property in terms of sunlight hours?
  • Was you advised inaccurately on the financial benefits without considering the environmental shade impacting your system’s efficiency?
  • Have the panels not proved to be self-funding as initially represented to you?

In the context of Solar Panel Claims, it’s crucial to ascertain the veracity of the initial sales pitch. Take the case of a client assisted by Money Back Helper, who was promised hefty returns but the system underperformed. After approaching Money Back Helper, the customer successfully filed a solar panel claim, resulting in significant compensation for the misrepresentation.

Banks Setting Aside Funds:
Highlighting the scale of the issue, several high street banks have earmarked millions to compensate customers mis-sold solar panels via associated loans, signalling your concern isn’t isolated and that recourse is available. This indicates a recognised pattern of mis-selling across the industry.

Financial Institution Amount Set Aside for Compensation
High street banks Millions of pounds

When wondering how do I claim for mis-sold solar panels, remember that the burden of proof is on documentation and the disparity in promised vs actual panel performance. Money Back Helper provides the expertise needed to navigate these complex claims. If you recognises these circumstances in your experience, you are encouraged to reach out and explore the avenue of a solar panel claim. This could lead to compensation for any undue losses incurred and possible wipeout of remaining finance under specific agreements, especially if the assurance of self-funding panels fell short.

Remember, the framework for successful Solar Panel Claims includes gathering evidence of the original sales agreement, the projected vs actual energy output, and any financial predicament caused by an underperforming system.

What is the claims process?

Navigating the claims process for mis-sold solar panels can seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it’s a straightforward journey towards potential compensation.

Start With Evidence Gathering

You’ll need to prove specific promises about the solar panel system were made and relied upon when making your purchase. If you’re unsure of the documentation required or can’t locate it, don’t worry; Money Back Helper can assist in recovering the necessary documents.

Once you’ve compiled your evidence, it’s time to consult with a specialist solicitor. They’ll review your situation and provide clear advice on the viability of your claim. If there’s a strong case, you’ll receive a free welcome pack outlining the process ahead and any associated fees, contingent upon a successful claim.

Understanding Timeframes

  • If the finance company accepts responsibility quickly, your compensation could be settled in just a few months.
  • Contested claims may involve the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), extending the timeframe to 12-18 months.

No-Win-No-Fee Agreement

Should Money Back Helper deem your case suitable, a no-win-no-fee agreement ensures you’re not out of pocket if the claim doesn’t succeed. This financial safety net allows you to pursue justice without the risk of incurring further losses.

Recovery of Compensation

Claims success depends on how well you present your case. Solar Panel Claims handled by experienced solicitors like those partnering with Money Back Helper increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Real-Life Successful Claims

Let’s take John, for instance, who was convinced by door-to-door salespeople to finance solar panels, promising significant returns. Faced with the reality of underperformance, John reached out for help, and with the proper legal support, he successfully reclaimed his investment.

Remember, it’s essential to act promptly to ensure the best chance of recovering your funds. If you suspect that you may have a claim for mis-sold solar panels, seeking advice sooner rather than later can make all the difference.

Mis-sold Solar Panel Compensation Claims FAQs

What Is Solar Panel Mis-Selling and Who Does It Apply to?

Solar panel mis-selling occurs when you, as a consumer, have been sold solar panels based on inaccurate or exaggerated information regarding their cost-effectiveness, energy savings, or financial returns from feed-in tariffs. If your solar panels aren’t generating as much electricity as promised or the returns from the feed-in tariff were overstated, you’ve likely been a victim of mis-selling. This applies to any solar panel purchaser who entered into an agreement based on such misinformation.

How Do I Make a Claim for Mis-Sold Solar Panels?

You should start your claim for mis-sold solar panels by collecting all related documentation, including sales contracts, communication records, and performance reports. Reach out to Money Back Helper, who can advise on the merits of your case and assist in gathering relevant evidence. Their expertise in handling such claims ensures you’re guided through every step, from initial enquiry to potential compensation.

What Sort of Promises Were People Given?

Many customers were promised that the solar panels:

  • Would be self-funding through savings on energy bills and earnings from surplus energy.
  • Could generate a fixed, profitable income via the feed-in tariff.
    These promises often turned out to be unsubstantiated, leading to financial losses instead of the touted gains.

What Is the First Step in Making a Claim?

Your first step is to verify your eligibility for a claim by consulting with Money Back Helper. They will review your individual circumstances and the promises made to ascertain the viability of a compensation claim. Expert advice at this early stage can be crucial to a successful outcome.

What Happens if the Solar Panel Company Has Gone Out of Business?

Even if the solar panel company that sold you the system is no longer operating, you still have options. Money Back Helper can explore alternate avenues for compensation, such as seeking redress from finance companies that funded the purchase.

How Long Does a Solar Panel Compensation Claim Take?

The timeframe for a solar panel claim varies based on the complexity of the case and the responsiveness of the involved parties. However, Money Back Helper is known for their commitment to expedite the process and will work to resolve your claim efficiently.

How Much Does a Solar Panel Mis-Selling Claim Cost?

Money Back Helper operates on a no-win-no-fee basis, ensuring that you’re not out of pocket if the claim is unsuccessful. They provide transparent information on any fees applicable only upon the successful restitution of your funds.

Money Back Helper stands ready to assist you in reclaiming what’s yours. With their help, numerous clients have recouped losses from solar panel mis-selling. If you’re looking to initiate a Solar Panel Claims process, Money Back Helper is your go-to source for expert guidance and a robust support system.

How can I make a solar panel claim?

You’ve now got the knowledge you need to tackle mis-sold solar panels head-on. Remember, it’s crucial to gather all your documentation and reach out to Money Back Helper for expert guidance. You’re not alone in this—many have successfully reclaimed their losses, and you can too. Don’t let the closure of the company that sold you the panels deter you; there are still avenues to explore. With the right help and persistence, you could see a resolution in your favour. Take the first step towards reclaiming what’s rightfully yours and put the disappointment of mis-sold solar panels behind you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes solar panel mis-selling?

Solar panel mis-selling occurs when consumers are sold solar panels under false claims, promises of financial returns that never materialize, or misleading information about the product’s performance and cost.

Who is eligible to make a claim for mis-sold solar panels?

If you were mis-sold solar panels based on misleading information or false promises, you may be eligible to make a claim, especially if you faced financial losses as a result.

How can Money Back Helper assist with solar panel claims?

Money Back Helper can help by gathering evidence, advising on the documentation required, assessing the validity of your claim, and guiding you through the compensation claim process.

What actions should I take if the solar panel company has closed down?

Even if the company that sold you the solar panels is no longer in business, you may still be entitled to make a claim. It’s worth seeking advice on how to proceed, as there may be an insurance policy or guarantee in place.

How long might it take to receive compensation for mis-sold solar panels?

The timeframe for receiving compensation can vary widely, but with professional assistance like that from Money Back Helper, the claims process can often be accelerated.

What are the costs involved when making a claim for mis-sold solar panels?

Costs can vary depending on the complexity of your case; seeking advice from a company like Money Back Helper can provide you with a clearer understanding of any fees or charges involved in your specific claim.

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