Unravelling the Path: How Can I Claim Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud?

Have you ever been fooled into buying a lemon? Picture this: You’re revving the engine of your brand-new Volvo diesel vehicle, admiring its sleek design and basking in that new car smell. Then, news breaks out about the Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud – a deceit as murky as the fumes from those very engines.

The shock hits harder than rush hour traffic on a Monday morning. The trusty Swedish manufacturer had installed software to manipulate emissions tests. Your beloved ride is now part of an environmental scandal!

You feel cheated but there’s hope yet. Would you believe that filing a claim is not as difficult as it may appear?

Let’s dive into the specifics of how to file a claim for Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud. We’ll also discuss how specialized law firms are stepping up in this field.

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Understanding Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud

The diesel emissions scandal, commonly referred to as ‘Dieselgate’, rocked the automotive industry. It unveiled a disturbing reality where car manufacturers were fitting defeat devices in their vehicles to cheat emissions tests and laws between 2009 and 2023. The heart of this deceit was an intricate scheme that aimed at bypassing pollution testing, particularly focusing on nitrogen oxide.

The Mechanism Behind Emissions Cheating

A critical element within the diesel emissions fraud is the use of so-called ‘defeat devices’. These gadgets are essentially software installed into a vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) that can detect when it’s being tested for pollutants like nitrogen oxide. During these controlled conditions, they activate emission controls which bring down pollutant levels significantly.

However, under normal driving conditions outside of test labs, these emission controls aren’t activated by default. This results in much higher levels of pollution than those recorded during lab-based emissions testing sessions – quite a sly move from our car manufacturers.

The Role of Nitrogen Oxide in Diesel Emissions

Nitrogen oxides are nasty gases produced by internal combustion engines found in many cars and vans on our roads today; notably those powered by diesel fuel. They contribute significantly towards air pollution causing numerous health issues including respiratory problems.

So why do we have such stringent limits for NOx? Well firstly because exposure to high concentrations over time has been linked with increased rates of asthma attacks amongst children who live near busy roads or highways full-on crammed with polluting diesels – not exactly what you’d want your kids breathing.

Pogust Goodhead, renowned legal professionals specialising in tackling corporate wrongdoing, reported that the level of emissions produced by diesel vehicles fitted with these defeat devices could be up to 40 times higher than the legal limit. Now that’s a startling fact.

What we need is an urgent call for change in our vehicle production standards and practices. Our environment can’t afford any more scandals like Dieselgate.

Key Takeaway: 


Unveiled by the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal, car makers such as Volvo used trickery to beat emissions tests from 2009 to 2023. This crafty software dialed down pollution during lab checks but let out a lot more when on the road. These vehicles belched out nitrogen oxides – harmful gases that can lead to serious health troubles like breathing issues.

The Impact of Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud

When it comes to the scandalous diesel emissions fraud, we often hear about Volkswagen. But let’s not forget that they’re not alone in this dubious hall of fame. The name Volvo also pops up when we dig deeper into the ‘Dieselgate’ mess.

Millions of diesel vehicles, including those manufactured by Volvo, have been found to be producing higher levels of pollution than legally allowed under normal driving conditions. A clear breach, wouldn’t you say?

Air Quality and Health Implications

Higher emission levels don’t just mean failing a test on paper; there are real-world implications for air quality and public health. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) discharged from diesel motors can have a major effect on air quality, which may bring about respiratory issues in defenseless gatherings, for example, kids and seniors.

In fact, these harmful NOx pollutants exceed legal limits during real-world driving conditions more often than not with fraudulent cars like some produced by Volvo. It makes you question if anyone’s steering wheel is clean in this industry.

The Ripple Effect: Vehicle Value & Trust Deficit

This deceitful practice has caused a dip in vehicle value too. Owners may find their vehicles depreciating faster because who wants an extremely polluting car? This whole fiasco has shaken consumers’ trust across all car manufacturers.

Fooling Testers With Software Trickery

Sadly enough for us roadsters, testers discovered that these supposedly eco-friendly diesel models were nothing but smoke… exhaust smoke. Some clever tech installed software tricked original testers into believing everything was hunky-dory while these wolves dressed up as lambs polluted our environment away from prying eyes. Pogust Goodhead sheds more light on this deception.

The impact of the Volvo diesel emissions fraud is a stark reminder that even trusted car manufacturers can falter. But there’s hope, and it comes in the form of law firms like Leigh Day who help victims seek justice against such fraudulent practices.

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Peering into the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal, Volvo pops up as well, having churned out diesel cars that spew out unlawful pollution levels. This isn’t just about flunking an emissions test – it impacts air quality and people’s health in tangible ways. To make matters worse, this deception has led to a sharp drop in car values and shattered trust in auto makers.

If you’ve been stung by Volvo’s diesel emissions scam, getting help from law firms that specialize in emission claims can be a lifesaver. They’ll guide you through the legal maze, handling everything – collecting evidence to paperwork and even standing up for you in court if needed.When we talk about compensation, it isn’t just about the money lost due to higher fuel usage or your vehicle losing its value. It’s also about taking into account the environmental damage caused by increased pollution levels. Take ‘My Diesel Claim‘ as an example – they’re aiming to give up to £10,000 each to drivers of diesel cars registered between 2009 and 2023 who have suffered because of this fraud.By going after these car makers legally and demanding compensation, victims are not only making sure they get what they deserve but also holding these companies responsible for their shady practices. The available legal routes offer a ray of hope that those wronged by Volvo’s diesel emissions scam will see justice served.Important Links:Link to My Diesel Claim on Money Saving Expert (MSE)

Unpacking the Emissions Fraud Scandal Across Manufacturers

Car manufacturers accused of emissions fraud have been a hot topic in recent years. Let’s delve into some infamous scandals that shook the automotive industry to its core.

The Volkswagen Dieselgate Scandal

In an unexpected turn, Volkswagen, one of Germany’s proudest exports and a global symbol of quality engineering, became embroiled in what came to be known as the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal. It was discovered that Volkswagen installed emissions-cheating devices in their diesel models. This clever yet deceptive piece of software manipulated pollution tests by detecting when cars were being tested and changing performance accordingly to improve results.

This fraudulent activity not only fooled testers but also violated legal checks on emissions, misleading customers about both environmental impact and vehicle performance. The repercussions were far-reaching – with hefty fines imposed and significant damage done to VW’s reputation.

The Global Impact of Diesel Emissions Fraud

Volkswagen wasn’t alone in this scandalous behaviour; several other car manufacturers found themselves under scrutiny for similar wrongdoings. For instance, French car manufacturer Renault faced accusations over high levels of harmful pollutants emitted by their popular model – Renault’s Espace Energy dCi 130 Euro 6 diesel model.

An independent test carried out by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) indicated that these vehicles could emit up to twenty times more Nitrogen Oxide than allowed under legal European emission standards during normal driving conditions – far from ideal.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), too, had serious allegations levelled against them regarding cheating emissions tests. They were accused of installing software in Jeep Renegade models that activated emissions controls only during lab testing, resulting in extremely polluting conditions under normal driving circumstances.

These shocking scandals rattled the faith folks had in these top-notch producers, sparking a bigger question – just how deep did this deception run? As we dug deeper, it was clear as day that diesel emission trickery wasn’t confined to a couple of misbehaving firms, but rather…

Key Takeaway: 


Peeling back the layers of diesel emissions fraud reveals a scandal that has rocked car manufacturers globally. Infamous for their deception, companies like Volkswagen and Renault have used cunning software to cheat pollution tests, misleading customers and causing environmental harm. As more cases come to light, it’s clear this isn’t just about a few bad apples but raises questions about industry-wide practices.

Steps to Claim Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud

If you think your diesel car was included in the emissions scandal, here’s how to put forward a claim. We’ll guide you through gathering evidence, contacting law firms specializing in emissions claims, and receiving compensation for the fraud.

Gathering Evidence

Your first task is collecting all relevant documentation related to your diesel car. This includes proof of purchase or lease agreements, service history records, and any other paperwork that shows ownership details and the car’s performance under normal driving conditions.

Specifically, look out for any unusual patterns such as higher levels of pollution than expected from your Volvo diesel models during emission tests. This could be key evidence indicating that installed emissions-cheating devices were at play.

Contacting a Law Firm Specialising in Emissions Claims

The next step involves getting professional help. Renowned law firms like Leigh Day, known for handling ‘dieselgate’ cases, will offer invaluable assistance during this process.

These legal experts can review your case thoroughly while explaining complex terms like turbocharged direct injection or defeat device so they’re easier to understand. They’ll also work with independent testers if necessary, providing another layer of scrutiny beyond original testers used by manufacturers accused of manipulating results.

Filing a Claim With The Appropriate Authorities

To ensure no stone goes unturned when filing an emission claim against companies like Volvo who’ve allegedly fooled testers with their software tactics, contact authorities who have jurisdiction over these matters – primarily environmental agencies or consumer protection offices.

You should share every piece of information gathered, including anomalies found within the test data which may point towards an intentional act of deception. It’s also important to disclose your vehicle’s actual emission levels compared to legal European emissions standards.

Receiving Compensation for The Fraud

If the case is successful, you may receive compensation from Volvo as part of a diesel claim settlement. The amount you may be awarded could differ depending on various elements, such as the type of car, its mileage and how severely it was impacted by this deception.

Alright, it’s your turn now.

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Think your Volvo diesel car might be tangled up in the emissions scandal? First off, collect all related paperwork. This means stuff like proof of purchase and service history records that could show strange emission patterns. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a law firm such as Leigh Day who are pros at handling these types of claims. They’ll break down any tough terms for you and give it an extra thorough look if needed. Lastly, file a claim with the right authorities and share everything.

The Financial Implications of Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud Claims

When you’re wronged by a major car manufacturer like Volvo over diesel emissions fraud, seeking justice and compensation can feel daunting. You might have questions about the financial implications – from the costs involved in making a claim to what happens if your case isn’t successful. We’re here to help.

Deductions from Damages/Compensation

A significant part of any ‘No Win-No Fee’ arrangement is understanding how deductions are made from damages or compensation received after a successful claim. These types of agreements, also known as Damages-Based Agreements (DBA), mean that up to 30% (exclusive of VAT) could be deducted as the DBA Payment if your claim triumphs.

This deduction serves as payment for legal services rendered throughout your diesel emissions claims process. It’s important to remember this when calculating potential net gains from winning an emissions scandal case against Volvo or any other implicated car manufacturers.

If it sounds hefty, consider this: without these fees, law firms wouldn’t be able to offer their expertise on such accessible terms; we’d all need deep pockets just get started.

Payment in Case of Loss

In life and litigation alike, there are no guarantees – so let’s talk about losing cases too because transparency matters. If your diesel vehicle-related claim doesn’t succeed under a ‘No Win-No Fee’ agreement, then typically you won’t pay anything towards legal fees incurred during proceedings with reputable law firms like Leigh Day.

‘But’, I hear you ask, ‘what about other costs?’ Good question. Usually, the law firm would arrange an insurance policy on your behalf to cover potential liabilities for opponent’s legal charges and disbursements. This means that you won’t be left out of pocket even if things don’t go as planned.

Read the small print carefully before signing. Different companies might have slight variations in their DBA agreements. And don’t forget – it’s not only about success; learning from our mistakes is equally vital for making smarter decisions.

Key Takeaway: 


Chasing justice for Volvo diesel emissions fraud? Let’s talk money. ‘No Win-No Fee’ claims might see up to 30% taken from your payout for legal fees. But hey, this lets you make a claim without breaking the bank. If things don’t go as planned, top-notch law firms usually handle the legal costs with an insurance policy – so you’re never left hanging.

Understanding Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud

The ‘Dieselgate’ scandal, a major diesel emissions fraud that shook the automotive industry, is now infamous. But did you know Volvo was among the car manufacturers accused of similar offences? Between 2009 and 2023, many vehicles were fitted with so-called defeat devices to cheat on emission tests.

The Mechanism Behind Emissions Cheating

To comprehend the deceit, we must first understand what these ‘defeat devices’ are – software installed in diesel engines to simulate compliance with European emission standards during testing. They’re software installed in diesel engines designed to fool testers during pollution tests. This mechanism makes it seem like cars meet legal European emission standards under testing conditions but perform differently under normal driving conditions.

German car manufacturer Volkswagen notably installed such emissions-cheating devices in its VW models – hence the name ‘Dieselgate’. Yet independent tests conducted by bodies such as the International Council for Clean Transportation have shown other manufacturers including Volvo also exceeded allowed limits for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions during real-world driving scenarios.

The Role of Nitrogen Oxide in Diesel Emissions

Nitrogen oxide plays a significant role here because high levels can be extremely polluting and harmful both to humans and our environment. In turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engines – used by many manufacturers including Renault’s Espace Energy dCi 130 model or even Land Rover’s Evoque TD4 – NOx output tends to exceed permissible levels when driven outside laboratory settings.

Pogust Goodhead Solicitors, specialists in cases involving financial wrongdoing, have noted how companies could easily manipulate test results through installed software since original testers never accounted for them.

The Impact of Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud

Moving from technicalities towards real-world implications, let’s explore how this emissions fraud has affected us. It’s not just about the environment or more frequent visits to your mechanic for a check-up on your diesel vehicle; there are broader consequences.

It’s pretty obvious now, isn’t it? Millions of us have been cruising around in diesel cars and vans caught up in the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal. These rides are pumping out emissions way over legal limits.

Key Takeaway: 


Volvo, just like other car makers, got tangled in the ‘Dieselgate’ mess for using cheat devices to trick emission tests from 2009 to 2023. These sneaky software tools spit out fake results during pollution checks but act differently when you’re actually driving around, pumping out too much nitrogen oxide – bad news for both us and Mother Nature.

FAQs in Relation to How Can I Claim Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud?

Can I claim against Volvo diesel?

Yes, if you owned or leased a Volvo diesel car first registered between 2009 and 2023, you can lodge a claim.

Is the diesel compensation claim real?

Absolutely. Diesel emissions fraud claims are legitimate legal proceedings backed by UK law firms like Pogust Goodhead.

How much compensation can you get from my diesel claim?

My Diesel Claim aims to secure up to £10,000 per driver for those affected by the scandal.

Which car company lies about emissions?

Numerous manufacturers including Volkswagen and Volvo have been implicated in emission scandals involving cheat devices that manipulate pollution testing results.


Unravelling the Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud is no small feat. But we’ve got you covered, navigating through its impact and legal options.

The takeaway? It’s about understanding your rights as a diesel vehicle owner affected by this scandal. You now know that specialised law firms are ready to assist in these cases, turning complex jargon into understandable language.

You’re also equipped with an awareness of the environmental consequences from such actions by car manufacturers. These have wider implications on real-world driving conditions due to higher pollution levels.

And finally, you should be able to answer “How Can I Claim Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud?” with newfound confidence. Because knowledge isn’t just power – it’s also compensation!

So remember: When life throws a lemon like emissions fraud at you, squeeze out justice one claim at a time!

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