Code of Ethics

At Money Back Helper, we are committed to operating with integrity, transparency and responsibility. This Code of Ethics reflects our core values and business principles to guide the decisions and actions taken across our organization.

Honesty & Integrity
We are truthful and forthright in all dealings with clients, partners, regulators and the public. We stand firmly against corruption, misrepresentation or any other fraudulent activities.

Expert Service
We strive to provide an exceptional level of service and responsiveness to clients based on their specific needs and our extensive expertise in the claims sector. We do not overstate our abilities or make guarantees we cannot fulfill.

We respect data privacy and keep client information strictly confidential according to data protection laws and industry regulations. Data is only shared with explicit consent when legally mandated or imperative to successfully pursuing a claim on a client’s behalf.

Objectivity & Transparency
Fees and services are fully outlined before engagement. We provide clear guidance and expectations around the claims process. Should a case become unlikely to succeed at any point, we make this known immediately along with the client’s options.

Conflicts of Interest
We avoid and disclose any conflicts between personal, financial or other relationships and objective, ethical business practices. Employee disclosures are evaluated case-by-case.

Regulatory Compliance
We maintain rigorous compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, codes of conduct for claims management and financial services firms. This includes prompt cooperation with any regulatory reviews or requests. We hold regular audits and training to uphold evolving standards.

Continuous Improvement
Regular reviews of policies, procedures, client feedback and tracking of ethical KPIs are conducted to ensure alignment with legal requirements and industry best practices around integrity, accountability and transparency.

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